Quick Facts

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Catholic, Marianist, co-ed, high school founded in 1960

AdvancEd (SACS/CASI)

575 students, grades 9-12

60% boys, 40% girls

45% white non-Hispanic, 30% Hispanic, 11% African-American, 6% multi-racial, 5% other

44 members, 64% with Master's Degree or higher

Student/Faculty Ratio

16 Advanced Placement courses and 14 Dual Enrollment courses (offered through St. Thomas University)

Graduation Rate
100% graduation rate, 100% acceptance to college

Financial Assistance
24% of student body

School Colors
Scarlet, Blue and White

  • Scarlet represents the blood of the martyrs and their courage in spreading the word of God throughout the world.
  • Blue is the color of Our Lady.
  • White stands for goodness, the totality of a world at peace that includes all colors, creeds, and races.

The three colors together represent the colors of the former schools.

School Mascot
The Lion
Our teams carry two names, the Lions and the Lady Lions.

School Motto
Ad Mundum Meliorem - Toward a Better World

School Seal
The outermost circle contains the name of our school, Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory, its geographic location of Hollywood, Florida. This is the result of the consolidation of the two schools founded individually in 1960. Blessed Father Chaminade, a French priest, founded the Marianists, and Madonna refers to Our Lady. In the center of the seal is a globe signifying the world in which we live. Within the globe is the letter “M” standing for Mary, the Madonna, who is the protectress of the Society of Mary. Radiating out from the globe are semicircular arrows reflecting our desire to share throughout the entire world the knowledge and love that Mary has for her son, Jesus. The school’s motto, Ad Mundum Meliorem, Latin for Toward a Better World, is engraved below the globe.

School Alma Mater
As Lions we roar so proud and strong.
And raise our voices in this our song.
Daughters of Madonna in white and blue,
Sing praise to Mary beautiful, good, and true.
The Sons of Chaminade in scarlet and blue,
Give laud to Your name, so holy are You.
Now scarlet, blue, and white are we,
Chaminade-Madonna we’ll always be.
Toward a Better World will ever be our goal,
In love, in truth, in heart, in soul.

Alma Mater hear our cry: Hail! Chaminade-Madonna on high!

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